GR126 Sint Stevens Woluwe to Ottignies - Louvain-la-Neuve

Besides the GR12 (which crosses Hallerbos) one of nicest GR-walks through Brussels

  1. Start Sint Stevens Woluwe
  2. Southbound path along Woluwe
  3. Ex-railway converted into path up to Audergem
  4. Watermaal Bosvoorde get into forest
  5. Here we join the actual GR126
  6. Part West of R0 (partly along "Vuile Beek")
  7. Extending East of R0
  8. Via French-Brabant, i.e. Gaillemarde, Hannonsart, Ransbèche, Ohain, Lasne, Couture-St.-Germain
  9. Leave GR126 turning East at Sauvagemont following power-lines
  10. Via-via little field-roads into Ottignies up to the railway station
  11. End Gare d'Ottignies

Approximately 28 to 32 kilometers

Escaped mare & foal roaming free in streets