Rock'in Bejing 2008

Got my 1st dose of Chinese "Mainland" Rock when I bought the debut CD album of Tang Dynasty in - ironically - Singapore, featuring the - at that time - very daring cover of the "Internationale". Since then the decibels only moved up, listen to the web-cast of the VRT Radio 1 report (in Dutch) broadcasted on Wednesday 16th July 2008. Once of the places to be appear to be Gulou Dongdajie, where you can find Mao Live in the Dongcheng district (east of Forbidden City).

NOTICE (from Mao Live during Olympic Games :-)

Obeys the Beijing department concerned the stipulation, in order to guarantee the Olympic Games period performance security, as well as guarantee performance quality. In Olympic Games period, MAO Livehouse will make the following adjustment.

  1. The admission audience must accept staff's security check.
  2. The interdiction carries all liquid admission.
  3. Along with goods must hand over by staff take care of, does not collect fees.
  4. Performance period, no re-entry.
  5. In inferior period, the booking mode by significantly adjusts. The encouragement purchases the pre- booking, the ticket at door will be higher.
  6. Olympic Games period, the Venue must retransmit the sports event, certain important performance time will make the adjustment.
  7. In the field interdicts all extreme behaviors, for example: POGO, diving. Otherwise the consequence is proud.

An adjustment will only suit the Olympic Games period performance, after Olympic Games recover normally.