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Stendhal effect caused by Mull of Kintyre

Funny how European and Chinese cultures blend. In "Dans les forêt de Sibérie" from Sylvain Tesson [1] , I read that the Baïkal Lake where he resided for 6 months caused the "Stendhal" effect when he first visited. In an newspaper article I read, Sylvain Tesson supposedly died when climbing the facade of a house of his friend in Chamonix.* In his honor, I wanted to read the book, also because I like travel stories. As a philosopher not knowing Stendhal, I looked it up on our worldwide encyclopaedia:

Merry Christmas from Hong Kong

Christmas days in Hong Kong are jam-packed with productive meetings, delicious luncheons and copious dinners on North-side of Hong Kong Island in and around Central and Causeway Bay. Obviously this city never sleeps or even takes a holiday. The food itself ranges from dim-sum in the morning, Sichuan spicy dishes, Korean fondue and of course Cantonese stir-fried. Luckily a little time remained to enjoy some great scenery of this vibrant Asian metropolis.

Flying in a Blue Dream

Saturday 9th July 2011

Southbound to the Côte d'Azur


Like firework at New Year, kites are key in art & culture of ancient & contempory China. Meanwhile this hovering artwork found its way far beyond the borders of the Middle Kingdom. Pictures below from the beach festival in Nieuwpoort after New Year 2011 show their ability to turn blue skies into surreal mindscapes. My wife Shanshan appears as a cherry on the cake.

Swamp solemnity of Silsembos + Kortbroekvijvers

My very first in a personal series of "Brabant minus 1 day micro-treks" documenting short walks in the surrounding region of the low lands. Unfortunately I am living far away from Ontario's magnificent Algonquin or Alaska's wild open Danali Natural Park - where it would be tricky to pursue a career in IT anyway - but tiny green patches persist in Belgium's urban sprawl.

Animate yourself

"Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world" Walt Disney

Nifty Newport 2010

My recent career-shift to TOBIUS as Enterprise Architect for the PERFORM Team (Project & Portfolio Management) meant that I had to tune down my holiday ambitions, but still we had a really great time at our coastal studio in September 2010. Almost full-time at Sea with a regatta of the WSKLUM - during which we ruined an entire spinnaker sail - and skippering practice with the Flemish Sea Sailing School.

As our Case is new, we must Think & Act anew (Abraham Lincoln, 1st December 1862)

The WPC 2010 (World Partner Conference) held July 11-15 in Washington, was the first global opportunity, offered by TOBIUS N.V. as my new employer, to actively network again within the Microsoft Community and its Partners, after 3 years hard work in the background on alternative markets (Telco) & technologies (Sun/Java).

A "Bright Beginning" of the Microsoft World Partner Conference 2010 in Washington DC

On some occasions throughout the digitalized life of an Information Technology Consultant, you've got to drag yourself away from behind your computer screen, and scout beyond new horizons. When you're deep into Microsoft, the WPC (a.k.a. World Partner Conference) is one of those events on everyone's radar, as the Microsoft corporation announces new product launches at the beginning of their new fiscal year.

Ramsgate 2010

On Thursday 13th May 2010 at 5 o'clock in the morning, the Nictea - a Wauquiez Pretorien of 36 foot (10.80 metres) registered with the S.R.N.A. ("Koninklijke Antwerpse Watersportvereniging" or "Royal Antwerp Watersport Guild") - left the port of Nieuwpoort for Ramsgate in the UK (Kent) across the North sea Channel, with Michael Van Schoor as skipper/owner, and me as 1 out a crew of 3.

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