shí èr shŭ xiàng de gù shi

Submitted by patho on Sat, 21/02/2009 - 16:38

Seldom in a lifetime one is offered the unique opportunity of becoming the heaven's one and only Jade Emperor (or yù huáng dà dì). This great honour was bestowed on me during the act performed by our first year of the Eurochine Chinese School (Floralia in Woluwe) on Saturday 24th January 2009. The entire crew has been working extremely hard on the play composed and directed by our Li lao shi (teacher Li). To welcome the buffalo for Chinese New Year, we presented the twelve Chinese signs of the zodiac to the other classes, teachers, parents and visitors. Background music based on Disney themes was played on the Yamaha piano by my daughter Nicole. At the end also the cat dropped in, but that's kind of a complicated (Chinese) story.

Below the publication of our artefacts:

Afterwards all the other classes also made their appearance, and we ended the gala with food & drink (well it was a Chinese happening so what did you expect). Especially jiaozi and miantiao can never be missed during lunar new year celebrations.

Thanks a lot to all our teachers, volunteers and especially directors Xiao and Chen to make this a succesful academic year !!!

Performers (left2right) Brian, Lynn, Sean, Mareva and Camille. Class of my daughter Nicole (all at the left) chanting China's national hymn. Shanshan (left) cooking. Thought for Food. Chen Xiao Zhang (director) right. Wang Xiao Zhang (director). Brian enjoys being a snake.